Preparation of Nano Triblock Co-polymer for Desferoxiamine Delivery and Cross-Linked Copolymer for Iron Overload Disease

Some IPNs and copolymer were prepared at different ratios from bisacryl amide as crosslinking agent by Redox polymerization. These IPNs (polyacrylamide –poly ethylene imine); (polyacrylamide-poly electrolyte) and poly (acrylamide-acrylic acid) copolymer are examined by UV-VIS spectrophotometry method to determine their ability for linking with iron ions that are prepared with standard solution employed for this purpose. The results, indicate that the copolymer prepared from (AcAm:AcAc) with 20% (wt/wt) from bisacrylamide has the ability of removing the iron ions from the solution. The swelling ratio for the prepared IPNs and copolymers was studied as a function of time at different pH (1.2, 8.4) and distilled water; the obtained data show that the swelling ratio was increased with increasing the pH. The morphology of copolymers was performed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to show the pore size. A new triblock copolymer of (Polylactide-Pluronic127-Polylactide) is synthesized by ring opening polymerization using (DUB) Diazabicyclo-[5.4.0]-udec-7-ene as a catalyst. The triblock copolymer is characterized 1HNMR. Semi IPNs from triblock copolymer with acrylamide was prepared to use as a polymer drug delivery with Desferriox aminemethanesulphate (Iron overload chelating drug). The SEM for this semi IPN shows the nano structure due to the regular orientation of lactide fibers. Desferoxiamine release study as a function of time at pH 1.2 and 8.4 for 24 hours with semi IPNs coated with tetramethylourea and without coating was also carried out. The releasing studies show that the rate of releasing at GIF is larger than SGF.


Athir M Haddad, Iqbal J Al-Asadi and Isra′a Q Falih

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