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Preparation of LDPE/EVA/PE-MA, Nano Clay Blend Composite in the Stage Potassium Sorbate (KS) and Garlic Oil (GO) as an Antimicrobial Substance

In this study the using of antimicrobial substances and nanoparticles can increase the shelf living and on the other hand, keep from the addition of preservatives in food products. This material for putting in parcels is taken into account one of the active putting into technology. In this undertaking, low-density polyethylene was selected because of elasticity, transparency, low melting point and simple reversible process. After that, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), needing payment to adhesion condensation getting in the way of and product transparence properties and the polyethylene graft copolymer with maleic anhydride (PE-G-MA) as a thing making adjustment was used in the first stage. At the second was added to mixture LDPE/EVA/PE-MA. At the third stage, the Clay nanoparticles (NC) was used in the rules to make of a mixture having in it GO. Brabbndr twin-screw extruder was used to process the examples. The mechanical testing, sending (power and so on) electron microscopy (TEM), X diffraction (XRD), water absorption, water vapor, permeability, oxygen permeability and microbial permeability of films produced was taken. The outcome of the above test showed that mechanical properties of the mixture LDPE/EVA/PE-MA than clear LDPE has got well. On the other hand, the mixture having in it GO had the nearest properties to the said mixture and films having in it GO+NC got well mechanical properties, too. The outcome XRD, TEM put into orders for computer the sheet structure. The physical properties of water absorption showed that films having in it GO and GO+NC hare lower water absorption made a comparison to other examples. The outcome of water vapor and oxygen permeability tests indicated that films having in it GO+NC hare more getting in the way of properties than other examples. at last, the outcome of microbial test that was guided for a month, showed that examples having in it antimicrobial substances hare oppose against the growth of small-scale- organisms, in the event that, the motion picture existence without of antimicrobial substances against the growth of micro-organisms did not play or amusement any stopping effect.


Farazi Z, Oromiehie A, Mousavi SM and Hashemi SA

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